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Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology standard based on radio frequency identification that enables new possibilities for consumer goods

NFC technology offers a simple, reliable and intuitive way to perform identification and authentication and is now supported by all major smartphone manufacturers.

NFC technology also enables the implementation of new features throughout the lifecycle of a product, from sourcing raw materials, through manufacturing, to the protection of your brand. From the control of  the supply chain to the retail and after sale consumer expericence.

Security is an essential and fundamental part of our NFC technology because, if resources and data are not adequately protected, Internet of Things applications can be vulnerable to counterfeiting, tampering, data breaches and other types of abuse.

The OREV® CryptoTag offers special security features, such as AES-128 cryptographic operation, protection of sensitive data, and an on-chip status-sensing tamper with the CryptoTag Tamper Proof.

How does it work?

The technology is very simple and this represents a big advantage

First of all we want to clarify that the OREV® CryptoTag can be read with any reader or SmartPhone (iOS, Android, etc.) equipped with NFC technology without the need to install specific applications.

When the OREV® CryptoTag is read with a Smartphone or NFC-reader, an exchange of information between the tag and the telephone begins.

The telephone initiates the communication (active part) requesting information. The CryptoTag, on the other hand, receives the request and responds with a series of data (passive part).

The data provided by the OREV® CryptoTag are encrypted and can therefore be decrypted – i.e. are readable – only by the OREV® cloud system.

This makes each CryptoTag query unique and non-reproducible and at the same time indecipherable to the world outside the OREV® cloud.

Key applications

Here are a number of key applications of our technology
Fight against counterfeiting

Protect against losses by verifying a product’s authenticity, anytime, anywhere in the world. Improve accountability for provenance and increase customer confidence. Consider mobile authentication and automated authentication for embedded devices, enabled by a secure reader and a tagged refill or replacement item.

Control your Supply Chain

Securely authenticate products at any time, during sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, chain of custody, or brand protection. Safeguard tag data through access-protected memory to let authorized staff securely read production data, log payment incidents, or customize productrelated data.


Evolve the customer experience by engaging more dynamically and with greater personalization. Reward customers for purchases and make ownership more valuable with individualized services, exclusive loyalty rewards, and unique buying privileges.


Enable secure visitor authentication, with proof of presence and confirmation of visit details. Provide trust, with an auditable tag presence and data logs, for personnel in equipment maintenance, repair workers,  field inspectors, security guards, and more.

Protect money offers

Ensure authenticity of coupons and gift vouchers to avoid counterfeits. Support digital promotions and loyalty offers while preventing misuse, by securing one-time-use URLs.


Quickly confirm the originality and provenance of important documents that bear specific IDs and credentials, such as certificates of authenticity, deeds of trust, marriage and birth certificates, diplomas, and  ther legal documents.

Detect tampering

Let inspectors and consumers securely detect whether a product has been interfered with or opened prior to sale, anywhere in the supply chain, using tamper-evident labels, seals or closures. (OREV® TagTamper)


Use product status to prompt targeted marketing messages. Pre-sale messages can include product provenance, helpful information, reviews, while post-sale messages can include services, loyalty rewards, e-commerce, and more.

The high level of security and the wide set of features make our CryptoTag the ideal solution to protect your products, while allowing a new generation of hyper-personalized user experiences, delivered in real time.