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Consorzio AVO is a network of Umbrian farmers and processors united by a common conviction: that the only possibility of identifying the quality of food lies in directly accessing its production history. Knowing the places of origin, who produced it, the technical methods of its production, are the components of a fascinating story, which reconnects to the cultural dimensions of our territories full of traditions and millenary know-how; on the other hand, it is necessary, in a landscape where food is often subjected to sophistication, manipulation or poor care in the processes, which are completely at the expense of health and the environment.

Thanks to OREV® we make available to the consumer all the information that originates within our network action, from the field to the table, guaranteeing all the transparency and traceability of our raw materials, of the stages of the supply chain and of the processes. And last but not least, we allow him to get in touch with the places, the real faces and the stories behind the real, local, original food we offer.