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Le Sode di Sant’Angelo is a rather young winery in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, in Montebamboli, near Massa Marittima. Here the art and quality of the wines are linked by an almost indissoluble fil rouge: to testify this is for example the Dautore, the winery’s flagship product, a wine that comes from a careful selection of Sangiovese, Merlot and Alicante grapes, whose composition varies from year to year to best express the results obtained in the vineyard according to the season.


The Dautore himself, with the 2014 vintage, earned the bronze medal of the Decanter World Wine Awards, testifying to the goodness for the path he has taken. Dautore changes every year: not only in the composition of the grapes but also in the label, which will bring back harvest after harvest a different work signed by the artist Paolo Golinelli, painter and wine lover.

Un vino importante, che proprio per questo si è scelto di tutelare con il Crypto-Tag OREV®: si tratta di una tecnologia innovativa – Le Sode di Sant’Angelo è la prima cantina italiana ad usarla – che permette la tracciabilità di ogni singola bottiglia e che consente di personalizzare i prodotti con messaggi diversi, rappresentando così un importante strumento di garanzia e di marketing.

An important wine, which for this reason we have chosen to protect with the OREV® Crypto-Tag: it is an innovative technology – Le Sode di Sant’Angelo is among the first Italian wineries to use it – which allows the traceability of every single bottle and that allows you to customize products with different messages, thus representing an important guarantee and marketing tool.